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Our aim is to assist you to source and select the best possible human resources for your specific business environment and organizational culture.

Our Specialist Divisions

While all employment sectors are serviced, Middle east and Northern africa specializes in personnel placements in

Selection of the right candidate

Our goal is to find and place the best available talent for our selected international clients who operate in various industry sectors.

Headhunting is most effective on those assignments where an individual with rare skills needs to be approached directly.  As a result of our networking in specific industries, we have a large number of contacts and we know where to find key players.

Finding the most suitable candidate for each of your vacancies is done by exploring our active database, by media advertisements, referrals, online-e-recruitment, by headhunting candidates and executive search.

Our recruitment service is based on

Being cost effective, professional and ethical. Offering a quality rather than a quantity service approach. Familiarizing ourselves with the cultural fit and trends of our client’s industry. Personal individual attention given to each assignment. Building close personal relationships with our clients.

Direct search is conducted with great care, tact, diplomacy and in an ethical and professional manner, ensuring confidentiality throughout the process. We possess hands on and relevant industry expertise in respective target markets. Constant communication and feedback. Preparation of detailed job specification. Personal visits to assess your exact staff requirements for the most suitable personality mix.

Free advertising on behalf of the client. Interviewing and screening each candidate for the correct position. Preparation and presentation of detailed curriculum vitae. Invoicing of clients only after successful candidate has started. Reference checks can be conducted upon client request and candidate authorization.

Visa Services

We render a Visa service to employers already recruiting employees directly at a nominal fee. We also provide this service to the families of these employees on married status contracts at a nominal fee.

All post recruitment administration of all documentations for visa applications, attestations, medical examinations, will be done by our administrative personnel at a nominal fee.

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