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This policy affirms the organization belief in responsible social and ethical behavior from all employees. This policy clarifies the standards of behavior that the organization expects of all employees.

This Policy aims to have an open communication working culture which will allow for a less stress-free environment where employee morale is high and there is a belief that there is a fair and consistent process for dealing with conflict in a seamless way.

Conflict of interest arises whenever the personal, professional or business interests of an employee are potentially at odds with the best interests of the organization.

This Disciplinary Code and Procedure is adopted both for the fair treatment of employees who should be aware of the standards expected of them and the success of the company.

The organization supports the right of every employee to lodge a grievance with their manager if they believe a decision, behavior or action affecting their employment is unfair. An employee may raise a grievance about any performance improvement action taken against them.

Industrial relations is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the employment relationship Industrial Relations policy promotes the sharing of ideas and views in an environment of openness and trust. It ensures that individuals of different races, gender and cultural creeds are treated equally and fairly in the workplace. The organization adheres to all labour legislation’s governed within the laws of South Africa.

Basic conditions of employment of a full-time employees and limited duration contracts employees are regulated in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1977 as amended

The purpose of this procedure is to involves the development of a relationship between a seasoned and wise person-the mentor- who supports a less experienced individual- the protege.

The purpose of an effective performance management system is for employees to have a clear understanding of the work expected from them, to receive ongoing feedback regarding how they are performing relative to expectations.

The organization encourages employees to inform their manager of their pregnancy as soon as possible. However, we respect that an employee may not wish to advise us of her pregnancy earlier than the minimum notice period.

The 3 month probationary period is a time for both the employee and the business to assess suitability, fit and competency within a role. During this period the organization commits to reviewing employee performance and at the end of this time ongoing permanent employment will be confirmed in writing.

This policy describes the fair and consistent application of recruitment and selection practices for the company.

This policy applies to all staff including contractors and covers all work-related functions and activities including external training courses sponsored by the organization
It also applies for all recruitment, selection and promotion decisions.

This appointment  letter is for an employee that is  responsible for occupational health and safety matters at the aforementioned area. 

Once a change has been initiated (Internally / Externally) this form must be completed by the relevant responsible person with required detail as per the Change Management Procedure.

The Organization undertakes this policy to ensure that an Occupational Hygiene system is developed, documented, implemented, communicated and maintained in order to maximize the benefits afforded to clients, employees and other stakeholders in the value cycle.

This letter of appointment is for Environmental Officer.

This letter of appointment is for a First Aider.

This document focuses on Skills Development, Job Creation, Localization, Industrialization and Local to site procurement.

This form states the following information and training on the personal protective equipment (PPE) listed will be covered in the training session.

This letter of appointment is for Responsible Person.

This letter of appointment is for Risk Assessor.

This letter of appointment is for Safety representative.

This letter of appointment is for Health,Safety and Environment representative.

This appointment letter is for a Site health Representative

This form  is a acknowledgement of receipt of the Substance Abuse Programme from the organization. In addition,the organization  states that the employee is required to follow the Procedure and accept that the company has a zero tolerance policy for any substance abuse at the work place.

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